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This is the flag of the Brixton Dragon Caves

The colours of the Brixton caves are black and gold

The Brighton Caves are located underneath the Royal Pavilion.

The fairytale setting is somewhat at odds with the  ultra modern caves that lie beneath


This is the flag of the Blackpool Dragon Caves

Training takes place on Rossall Beach, 20minutes up the coast

Rossall Beach

The Snowdonia Dragon Sanctuary, Snowdonia, North Wales

near Ariadne's cave
important copy
blackpool tower

The caves are found underneath the town hall in Brixton at the junction of Acre Lane and Brixon Hill

The clock tower where Joanna first saw Excelsior is 134 feet high

Brixton Caves

The Blackpool Caves are located underneath Blackpool Tower.

They are owned by Frank and Pat Chatfield otherwise known as the parents of Mouse


The Bonfire Night Novice Race -the first race of the dragon racing season takes place in Blackpool.  The race starts and finishes on the promenade

brighton flag
blackpool flag

This is the flag of the Brighton Dragon Caves


Brighton Caves

Blackpool Caves

brixton flag
dragon's eye view

Home to Giovanni and Lucia Balivo and the training dragons Nia and Carys

Joanna learns to fly here and first meets Mouse and Ariadne

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